Monday, 24 September 2012

Watching the heavy rain today, and listening to the news on Radio Four of more floods around Britain, I was reminded of an email sent to me by the lovely artist, Kate Lycett, who lives in Hebden Bridge. The town was hit by not just one, but two catastrophic floods this summer and residents and businesses alike were badly affected.

In an effort to renovate and regenerate this vibrant community, there's a  wonderful event happening at the new town hall in Hebden Bridge on Friday 28 September (time to be confirmed). Many of the artists and makers who live there, and quite a few that don't, but love the town, have donated beautiful things to be auctioned (see some images below).

Everyone is invited to visit and take part. To find out more, please go to their Facebook page at, or visit the town hall website at for more information about the auction.


scott davidson said...

A client suggested that I place a "nice painting" rather higher up on the wall of my dental surgery, so that she could see while dental work was being done for her. A good idea, I thought, to distract clients.
My nurse found and ordered this canvas print,, by Gustav Klimt, by browsing to who made our excellent print from their database of images from western art.

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