Tuesday, 18 October 2011

bollington walking festival 21-30 october 2011

delamere forest I by di metcalfe

to celebrate the second bollington walking festival, thewhitegallery is hosting an exhibition of work by local artists celebrating the landscape.

poynton-based painter, di metcalfe, has produced some beautiful oils of macclesfield forest and a series of paintings depicting delamere forest, cheshire's largest area of woodland near northwich. rich strokes of brown and black represent the trees which are reflected in the lake, with turqoise skies behind. there is a feeling of snow in the air which feels just right for this time of year, as the evenings draw in and we all begin to hunker down and set our fires.

closer to home, bollington artist christine anne sheehan reproduces scenes familiar with walkers and cyclists, such as the the view from baxendale towards kettleshulme or the hills around pott shrigley.

john smith paints the local pond at the bottom of ingersley road with blaze hill in the background, using loose and confident strokes to present his impression of the village.

textures by jack lloyd

jack lloyd's popular photomontages of the village will also be exhibited, with framed and mounted prints available to take away from as little as £40.

please do drop in to look around - if you're lucky there may be tea and cakes available for a donation to the bridgend centre, curtesy of my two children dan and carrie, who've been busy baking.

come rain or shine, hope to see you over the festival & happy walking!

oh, and don't forget to buy your tickets for the catwalk show on sunday 30th october at 7pm, available from the bridgend or here at thewhitegallery. lots of great recycled clothes on show, and the chance to bid for a bargain as tv auctioneer adam partridge takes to the pulpit to auction outfits at the end of the evening. tickets cost £6 (including a glass of wine and nibbles) and are selling fast so be sure to get yours NOW! all profits to the wonderful bridgend centre...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

something fun for the autumn....

dean murray has created some really fun images of white nancy: pop in to take a closer look at 'planet nancy', which uses some very clever photographic techniques indeed. brownie points to the person who can explain how he does it!

andy fullalove - paintings filled with colour & light

andy fullalove's interest in painting began as a young boy, when he remembers wanting to recreate van gogh's 'sunflowers'. his grandfather was a painter and when he died, andy inherited his paints and brushes.

He has always worked in oils, creating layer upon layer of texture & colour. one of the main themes in andy's work is the regeneration of the land - the notion that civilisations have risen up through adversity alongside the constant force of nature.

Andy's work is filled with a richness of colour and light, giving you a palpable sense of the energy and vigour with which he paints.