Saturday, 6 December 2008

new artists & designers bring festive cheer...

this christmas time, we are delighted to introduce a whole bundle of new artists and designers, whose original work can be seen for the first time at thewhitegallery.

'dark shore' is one of three new oil paintings by zelda pickup, an artist from alderley edge who is quietly making waves.

other new artists include barry wigzell, di metcalfe, janet rigby and david evans, whose intricate three dimensional pictures, handpainted in watercolour, can be seen both in the window - the amazing 'babel table' which took four months to create - and on the walls.

etchings by popular local artist, jane osmond, are also now available for sale. some are especially poignant at this time of year, depicting snowy scenes of white nancy in the moonlight or tiny sledgers on blaze hill.

a warm welcome is also extended to textile artists rachel sumner, anne ward, jilly unwin-duffy and gemma lockwood, whose beautiful and unique aprons and tea-towels adorn the mannequin in our window, like some winter bride.

handmade cushions decorated with chandelairs and sparrows by young textile graduate, rebecca wilson, dress the sofa and ceramic tiles & bowls by manchester artist, lee page hanson, brighten the interior.

this has also been a busy time of year for fionabaileyphotography and earlier this month i spent a lovely morning taking photographs of the smith family. this is just one of the images - of charlie - which we took on white nancy early one sunday, as the sun came up...