Friday, 26 June 2009

local wisdom comes to bollington...

aaron sweater - 'never washed, much loved'

over the last few months, i have been working on a fascinating project called 'local wisdom' with fellow bollingtonian, kate fletcher, who works at the london school of fashion.

kate's research work focuses on the issue of sustainability, and this project is all about how ordinary people connect with their clothes. i have been involved taking photographs for the project which will be part of the 'fashion for good' exhibition in sydney, australia, where kate is giving the keynote speech in july.

we have already visited totnes and worked with members of the community there. now it's bollington's chance to show us what they're made of!

for more information about this project, and to find out how you can take part, please visit

Wednesday, 24 June 2009



thewhitegallery is pleased to be taking part in the first Three Shires Textile Festival, which has over 100 events planned around the region.

an exhibitiion of contemporary textile art, 'New Threads', will include work by international artists elizabeth brimelow and claire de ruiter. the windows too, will be bursting with colour as we hang a quilt made entirely from plastic bags by lynn setterington and a silk kimono by anne ward, inspired by her helicopter ride over arctic glaciers.

following the success of the bollington festival, we will also be using the garden summerhouse to hang work by other artists, including felt pictures by suzy shackleton (shown above), silkscreen canvases by designer rachel sumner and quirky stitched hangings by artist jilly duffy unwin. other local artists exhibiting work include angela oswald, dandy lewis and sarah johnson.

the sculpture garden will include new installation pieces by embroidery graduate becky waite, ceramic sculptures by amy daniels and recycled metalwork by gavin darby.

for more information about the festival, please visit

other bollington events include an exhibition of work curated by anne ford at the arts centre, an exhibition of pictures by dandy lewis at the cafe waterside and an oriental rugs and carpets exhibition at 'the weave' rug shop on bollington road.

for more information about these events, please visit and click on 'the arts'.

stitched violin on paper, by sarah johnson