Saturday, 28 May 2011

art@amuse 17 june - 17 july 2011

thewhitegallery is delighted to be hanging an exhibition of work at this year's macclesfield barnaby festival.

art@amuse will showcase the work of ten talented artists, including jenny hirst, amanda wigglesworth, susan laughton and jo jenkins. jo is new to the white gallery, and i'm really excited to be hanging her work for barnaby as it seems to embody a lot of what the festival stands for in that it's bright, and bold and makes you feel happy.

painting by jo jenkins

the venue is the same as last years, only julia and andrew have decided to rename the cafe 'amuse' (formerly al PANINO), with a whole new look and menu to boot. there are lots of great ideas in the pipeline, including a tasting menu and a supper club, so be sure to give them your support and visit soon. the cafe is at 43 chestergate in macclesfield town centre.

art@amuse begins over the barnaby weekend (17-19 june) and continues until 17th july. a rolling exhibition of work by a variety of new and established artists will hang throughout the year.

for more information about events and happenings over the barnaby weekend, please visit

Monday, 23 May 2011

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival 17 - 19 June

'150 years of Macclesfield People.' Photograph by Brian Law.

As many of my customers will know, Barnaby is a Festival close to my heart. This year, as last, the gallery is sponsoring an event and I am proud to be associated with the Macclesfield Camera Club exhibition being hosted by Shackleford Pianos on Athey Street.

The exhibition, '150 years of Macclesfield People' is a combination of old and new images, which capture the timelessness of everyday life - children on street corners, people going to work, youngsters enjoying the fair. For more information about the exhibition, please visit and click on the visual arts events page, where you'll find lots more besides.

With over 70 events at 40 different and unusual venues, what's not to like. Make sure to pick up a brochure or visit the website to find out more about all the visual arts, live music, performance, opera and film about to explode onto the streets of Macclesfield this June. You'll kick yourself if you miss it!

'The Bate Hall Ghost.' Photograph by Fiona Bailey

I'm also delighted to be involved with the new Macclesfield Opera Company, Silk Opera, which is performing a new production by Nicholas Smith, 'The Bate Hall Ghost,' over the Barnaby weekend.

Tickets are available to buy online and are selling fast, so make sure to book now for Friday 17th or Sunday 19th June. It promises to be just as entertaining as last year's 'Monkey Run' (which also used Christ Church as its venue - such a superb imposing piece of Macclesfield architecture) and as impressive, musically, as this year's Dido & Aeneas which was performed at the United Reformed Church in Macc, to packed audiences.