Friday, 16 October 2009


Rainow (oil on canvas) by Malcolm Croft

thewhitegallery is delighted to be hosting a two-man show by local artists, Carlo Eves and Malcolm Croft. The show coincides with the gallery's second birthday.

Snake Pass (acrylic on board) by Carlo Eves

Carlo paints mainly landscapes and takes his inspiration from Italy (where he grew up) as well as the hills and fields of Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Malcolm also draws on his surroundings, but focuses on still-life and the everyday: a colander, a coffee pot, a vase of chrysanthemums.

Local potter, Chris Malins, will also be exhibiting raku ceramics. "We thought it would be an interesting challenge to collaborate," says Carlo, who has know Chris for years as a friend and fellow teacher at Mid-Cheshire College in Northwich. "I worked on a series of paintings and Chris produced hand-thrown pots which I then painted in a similar style. It was wonderful working with different glazes and there is always a sense of alchemy with raku, which makes it very exciting."

A vessel thrown by Chris Malins and decorated by Carlo Eves.

Malcolm Croft is currently exhibiting work in Chorlton, Manchester and Lymm. An award-winning photographer, he had to give up his career behind the lens after a serious road accident. Influenced by Frida Kahlo and David Hockney, Malcolm uses bold outlines and strong colours in his work. "I like to paint scenes around my home, because that is my daily environment," he says."I particularly focus on food and meal times, because that is when the family comes together at the end of the day."

Recently Malcolm's work has received wide acclaim, featuring in several magazines and on BBC television. His recent one-man show sold out in 48 hours, selling a total of 41 pictures.

thewhitegallery was the first gallery to exhibit Malcolm's work back in November 2007, when we first opened.