Thursday, 31 January 2008

land falls at the white gallery...the new year brings new artists.

local artist, carlo eves, takes inspiration from his native italy and the hills around bollington, to create beautiful landscapes in mixed media.

'land falls' is a large painting in five sections, like panes of stained glass that hang together to make a whole. the landscape drifts between each window making you look again and again at each part, your eye following the paths and contours of the land.

the last few months have been really exciting for us at the white gallery. there has been a tremendous response to our framing business and pictures are selling well. there is a huge demand for local scenes - a reflection of just how special the village is to the people who live here - and jack lloyds's photomontages of palmerston street and the surrounding hills have proved especially popular. oil paintings by bollington artist and part-time teacher, christine anne sharrock, have also sold well, with sea scapes of st ives flying off the walls. chris and her husband, dave, have a house there and it obviously provides a deal of inspiration for the artist whose particular skill lies in creating a sense of movement and light.