Friday, 4 September 2009

lovely new things at thewhitegallery...

This is my very favourite time of the year, when the evenings start to draw in and the trees suggest a change of colour. To celebrate the beginning of Autumn, Bollington artist Andrea Fisher has made a tree for the window, using copper and iron wire.

Andrea graduated from Blackpool college with a degree in Illustration, specialising in Science and Natural History, and her fascination with root systems and leaf structures can be appreciated in the fine detail of this sculpture.

Other recent additions to the gallery, include block paintings by Christopher Rainham who delights in painting birds, especially robins, and a new collection of felt scarves and corsages by international felt artist, Claire de Ruiter. Each piece is made using undyed wool from local sheep.

"There is no need to dye the fleece" says Claire, "as the natural colours from individual sheep are stunning: oatmeal, grey, bright brown. When you apply moisture, heat and friction, such a strong fabric is created - felt is the world's oldest fabric. Working with an organic product creates a very satisfying affinity to the landscape."

For more information about Claire's work, and to find out about her felting workshops, please visit