Saturday, 28 November 2009

let it snow...

'beetham tower, evening light' by ian jarman

as the nights draw in, there is nothing i like more than dressing the christmas windows to cheer everyone as they return home from work and school. this year, we have a special addition in the shape of a christmas tree made from an old metal table and the shelves of an oven - creative recycling by artist gavin darby.

we also have lots of new and interesting gift ideas, from jewellery to journals, paintings to prints, ceramics to soft furnishings, including hand-printed silk screen cushions made by local designer,
rachel sumner.

new paintings include landscapes by emma king, emily mugridge, di metcalfe and zelda pickup.

'crisp day' by emma king.

we also have a collection of abstract work by henry quick who incorporates found objects from the two world wars into his pictures, which are both stunning and quietly respectful of the events and places remembered.

other new artists to join us include colin halliday,liz orchison and polish artist wojciech plust.

we are also delighted to welcome award-winning painter ben kelly, who has recently moved to macclesfield and created two charming prints of white nancy which are on sale now.

we also have new monoprints by ian jarman and joan fisher, whose skylines of manchester are striking and beautiful.