Saturday, 29 May 2010

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival 18-20 June

Over the last few months, thewhitegallery has been busy helping to promote a wonderful new arts and culture festival happening this summer in Macclesfield.

The Barnaby Festiva
l is a re-invention of the centuries-old tradition of celebrating St Barnabas’ feast day, when in more recent times factories and schools would shut down and everyone would head off to the seaside. It had virtually died out, but now it's back with a flourish.

Highlights of the festival include an opening street parade; ‘Save Us’ - a stunning exhibition of art and sound sculptures by award-winning artists with a Macclesfield connection; a community opera written by local conductor Nicholas Smith based on an old Maxonian courting ritual called the ‘Monkey Run'; a Late Night Cabaret; a Flaming June Fire Show and a live concert by internationally celebrated folk musician Jim Moray.

Andrea Booker SOS 2009 Reclaimed signage

Visit the website, pick up a brochure and plan how to spend one of the most exciting weekends of the summer.

Most of the events are free, but some are ticketed (and selling fast!) so please do drop in and buy yours from thewhitegallery. We're delighted to be a ticket venue and it's been a great opportunity to tell people about the festival, the events planned and also the people behind it. It's been a fantastic team effort and if everyone turns out to support us, we can look forward to many more Barnaby's in the years to come. If you fancy volunteering for a few hours over the weekend, then please let us know - the more the merrier I say!

For more information about events and artists, please visit