Thursday, 6 September 2012


Crimson Rose in a blue glass vase, by Malcolm Croft

Every two years a very special art exhibition takes place in Macclesfield to raise money for the East Cheshire Hospice.

This year Art Fair 2012 is from 28 September to 6 October, 10am - 5pm daily.

Don't miss this opportunity to see work by over 90 established artists, including Timothy Gustard, Ian Jarman, Caroline Bailey, Jenny Matthews and Malcolm Croft. This year there is also a Gift Gallery selling high-quality prints, cards, textiles, jewellery and ceramics, so plenty to enjoy.

All works are for sale and 30% is donated directly to East Cheshire Hospice.

The Artist's Evening on Tuesday 2 October (6-9pm) gives you the opportunity to meet some of the artists and maybe sit for a portrait too! Refreshments are available throughout Art Fair 2012, so please drop by for a cup of tea and a chance to browse and buy.


scott davidson said...

I went to a contemporary art fair in Shanghai recently, which was a real eye-opener. Chinese contemporary art
has come leaps and bounds from the watery Zen landscapes to huge canvases of strange-looking beings. The
prices being asked and paid were huge too.
Oriental, if not Chinese, my print of Jean-Léon Gérôme's painting,,
bought some time ago from, is as lovely as ever.

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