Thursday, 18 October 2012

HOLD 27 October to 15 November

Another interesting exhibition to put in the diary is Hold, showing at the Community Gallery run by ARC (Arts for Recovery in the Community) in Stockport, from Saturday 27th October to 15 November.

This is an exhibition of art by women from HMP, Styal and was produced during Arc associate Charlotte Brown's year-long residency at the prison. The show includes hand made books, textile banners, photographs and papier mache bird sculptures. The work is rich in creative ideas and incredible intricacy, and has been recognised for its quality at the prestigious Koestler Awards in London.

Inmates working on the project said: "I'm really buzzing about this and want to be able to keep this (piece of sculpture) to show my son about the 'real' me." "I've never had anyone to look after me or tell me anything good about myself. Art helps me do something good for me and I get encouragement. It's the gift that I give myself."

For more information about ARC, and to find out more about the exhibition, please visit