Saturday, 5 November 2011

New work by Adele White...

'It's the Ephemera' by Adele White

Based in South Cheshire, Adele White's work is immediately striking for its rich use of colour, shape and texture. Adele often works beyond the canvas, placing found objects like metal and board around and over the edges of the base.

"The stimulus for my work," she says, "is a vast collection of memories and experiences...these include old boats, architectural surfaces and peeling billboards whose rich textures and time worn qualities provide intrigue. It is the ephemera which trace a person's existence by the surface marks that remain, which I find fascinating."

Adele describes her painting process as a kind of 'artistic archaeology'- the oil paint is layered up and selectively rubbed back to reveal previously worked areas. Her work is essentially abstract but there is something very realistic about elements of it too - a bus ticket here, a foreign stamp there, each tiny fragment a memory of some journey taken, some place visited. Like a very beautiful scrap book presented in a painterly way. Each picture tells a story and it's up to the viewer to interpret the tale.

'Stop, Look, Listen' by Adele White

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